Proof of how License & Permit Bonds have helped communities like yours:

Upon inspection of a room addition, an Indiana City inspector issued a statement of code violations and stopped the contractor from doing any further work.  The contractor then refused to correct and complete the work and refused to return the down payment.  The surety paid $3,500 to the homeowners.

A Texas consumer hired a cement contractor to install a new driveway.  The work was found to be in violation of city codes, and a request was made to remove and re-pour the drive.  The contractor failed to respond and the surety paid $1,976 to have the project completed and approved by the city.

A North Dakota dairy farmer contracted an electrician to repair and install electrical wiring on his farm.  The state inspector found that an improper and negligent failure to ground the electrical system caused problems with stray voltage.  This resulted in injury to the livestock.  The surety paid the full $2,000 amount of the bond to the farmer.

A California resident contracted with a construction company to build a 35-foot driveway that encroached into a highway.  The work was to be completed in three months.  Three years later, the work was still not done.  The surety paid the full $1,000 amount of the bond to have the work completed.

A Minnesota electric contractor forwarded more than 200 requests for inspection to the Board of Electricity.  He informed the Board that he was unable to reimburse that office for inspection fees and declared bankruptcy.  The surety paid $1,416 to cover the costs of inspection fees.