How does bONdLINE® work? Will a bond print every time? What authority does an agent have to issue bonds?

bONdLINE┬« is designed to issue small, transactional surety and fidelity bonds with limited underwriting information.  When an agent is given access, they are also provided with bond-issuing authority online.  The application verifies the necessary bond data is completed on the online application and the bond penalty is within the agent's authority.  If the data and authority are complete, a fully executed bond is returned to the agent within seconds.


If the agent is requesting a bond for a penalty amount that exceeds their bond-issuing authority, the bond data will route to CNA Surety's Underwriting Department. 

  • If the bond is approved, you will be notified by email and will be able to print the bond in your office.
  • If the bond is declined, a message is sent to the agent.
  • If we are not able to electronically print the required bond, the bond is issued from one of the CNA Surety locations and sent to you by email so you may print it.