Do I have to be appointed with CNA Surety to use bONdLINE®?

Yes; in order to implement and use bONdLINE┬«, you must be appointed with CNA Surety.  If you are an independent insurance agent licensed in property and casualty and would like to become appointed with CNA Surety, please print and return a fully completed and signed Agency Application* (for FL, GA, ME, and MS, see additonal requirements below) along with copies of your agent/agency licenses or license numbers to:


CNA Surety Agency Department

PO Box 5077

Sioux Falls, SD 57117

Fax:  605-335-0357



*Agents to be appointed for FL are also required to submit a completed Florida Application for Appointment.


*Agents to be appointed for GA, ME, and MS are also required to submit a completed and signed Disclosure/Authorization Concerning Investigative Consumer Report