I am an independent insurance agent and would like access to your Company's surety and fidelity products. How can I become appointed with your company?

Contact our Agency Department or print and fax/email a fully completed and signed Agency Application* (for FL, GA, ME, MS and WI, see additional requirements below) along with copies of your agent/agency licenses or license numbers to:


CNA Surety Agency Department

PO Box 5077

Sioux Falls, SD 57117

Fax:  605-335-0357

Email:  info@cnasurety.com


*Agents to be appointed for FL are also required to submit a completed Florida Application for Appointment.


*Agents to be appointed for GA, ME, MS, and WI are also required to submit a completed and signed Disclosure/Authorization Concerning Investigative Consumer Report.  Please contact our Agency Department at 800-331-6053 to obtain a copy.