CNA Government Relations, with the help of surety industry and producer associations, takes an active role in surety and fidelity bond legislative issues at the federal, state and local level.


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The mission of our Government Relations Department is to promote and defend our products and business practices at all levels of government.


CNA Government Relations works with lawmakers on legislation that improves the effectiveness of surety bonding and guards against adverse legislative developments.  For example, every year 125,000 bills are introduced in state legislatures across the country.  CNA's Government Relations Department has the responsibility of identifying those that affect the surety and fidelity industry.  Our team of professionals reviews and analyzes legislation and directs lobbying efforts to ensure a positive outcome.


The Government Relations Department also works with local governments on Licence and Permit Bond issues.  Many professions are required to post a bond at the local level.  Government Relations works to ensure that local communities receive information and support to obtain the kind of public protection afforded by bonds.


Need more specific information?  Please contact our Government Relations Department at 800-CNA-2000 (800-262-2000).